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The medical centre is the best place for us to see everyone. Sometimes we may need to see you at home. A doctor will assess every request for a home visit. We allocate some time for home visits each day by concentrating on providing surgery appointments so that more people can be seen throughout the day. The practice provides full medical care to all of its patients. The doctor who attends visits will usually be in surgery the following day conducting a normal surgery.

Our doctors typically see four patients at the practice in the time it takes to do a single home visit. For this reason, we ask our patients to come to the practice if at all possible. However, we can visit you at home if your condition means you cannot attend one of our premises. Please ring the surgery before 10:00am to arrange a visit. Please be prepared to tell the receptionist about your condition so we can visit the most urgent cases first. The doctor may wish to speak with you to see if it would be better for you to come to the surgery to be seen immediately. Home visits are normally made between 12noon and 3:00pm

Fit to Work Certificate

It is not necessary to have a Doctor’s certificate until you have been absent continuously from work for seven days including weekends.  After three days you must obtain a self-certificate (SC2) from your employer.  If your employer insists on a private certificate for an illness of less than seven days duration then the Doctor will charge a fee of £10. If your illness continues for more than seven days then under the NHS your GP can issue an official statement (Med3) “fit to work certificate” to confirm your illness.

Children and the Waiting Room

We have a small play area in the waiting room which is unsupervised.  We do try to keep a selection of toys available which all are welcome to use, but we do invite parents to bring (and take away again) toys to amuse their own children.