In Case of Emergency (ICE) – Contactslogo

Please note the importance of saving ICE contacts in your mobile phone. This will allow emergency services to contact the correct family member or friend on your behalf if anything were to happen to you.

For example:

  • If your partner was your first point of contact if anything were to happen to you then save their telephone number as ICE1 and their name afterwards.
  • If you would like a family member to be your second point of contact then save their telephone number in your phone as ICE2 and their name and so on.

Why do emergency personnel need to contact next of kin?

The principal reason can be to seek permission to treat you when injured. A delay in this can result in a much worsened condition. ICE aims to speed this up to ensure rapid responses. Furthermore, emergency personnel can ask questions about allergies, general health, previous accident experiences etc., all information that might help save your limb or life.

As this is on your mobile phone, try your best to always keep your phone on you  and in an accessible area such as your pocket or bag, so that the paramedics can reach it with ease.   Also keep your phone well topped up with call credit and battery power, so that if the emergency services don’t have a phone to use, they can use yours. And they can’t look in your phone book if the screen is blank from no battery.