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Well Person Checks

At this appointment we offer general lifestyle advice, discuss risk factors and check weight, blood pressure and urine and offer a blood test if thought necessary.


Patients with diabetes are reviewed at least annually and offered advice on their lifestyle, diet and treatment. Have a look at The British Diabetes Association website.


Our practice nurses offer annual check-ups to known asthmatics and can be seen to advise on, review and change treatment as necessary. Find out more about Asthma on The National Asthma Campaign website.


Joint Injection

An intra-articular joint injection clinic is offered to patients who suffer from arthritis and other associated complaints. An assessment must be carried out by Dr Chandra prior to this referral and if he feels this is the appropriate avenue to go down you will be brought back for the injection to be carried out.

Smear Tests

We recommend our female patients aged up to 50 have a SMEAR test every 3 years, and over 50 every 5 years. This is a simple painless procedure, which takes a couple of minutes. Make an appointment to see the practice nurse.