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NAPP Annual General Meeting on Saturday 15 June 2019 at Cheltenham Chase Hotel, Cheltenham.

Please download the AGENDA for this meeting and this LETTER AND VOTING PROFORMA

Please click here for Easington PRG

Our PPG is made up of a wide variety of patients:

  • Chairperson: Retired, Ex. Police officer
  • Unemployed, MS patient
  • A working mother of a severely disabled son
  • Manager of a nursing home
  • Retired housewife
  • Retired ex.miner
  • Full time working Diabetic patient

These are our regular members but at times we also have additional members who attend but not always on a regular basis, cancer sufferer’s wife and a social worker enclosed.
PPG Information [PDF, 503KB]

The group has a mixture of all ages, including grandparents and patents. We have 4712 patients on our practice list as of February 2016 – Ethnic stands as follows:

  • White British – 4564
  • African – 1
  • Indian – 47
  • Bangladeshi – 4
  • Pakistani – 11
  • Chinese – 3
  • Polish – 7
  • Irish – 1
  • Iranian 3
  • Turkish 1
  • Other – 73

Smokers 1304
CHD 299
Diabetes 251
Asthma 189
COPD 173

The practice holds a patient participation group meeting every 3 months on a Wednesday afternoon at 03:00pm.

Please click here to go to our PPG Minutes Page and details of Meeting Dates

If you would like to join the group please ask to speak to Wendy Thompson our Practice Manager or [email protected] our Assistant Practice Manager, telephone 0191 300 9631. Otherwise please print and complete the following form and hand this into the Receptionist at the Surgery. Adele will then contact you with more information.
Become Part of Our PPG

We will also hold meetings in the interim if we have any news we would like to share or at the request of the group.

If you can’t make the meeting or have some views you would like to share, then please email a[email protected] or contact Adele on: 0191 3009631.

This group is designed to get the opinions of the people that matter….. YOU the patient.

The practice patient participation group has advertised to patients for members by displaying poster in the waiting room, we have also had members of the patient participation group in the waiting areas talking to patients and asking their opinions and if they would like to join the group. The patient participation group have handed out the practice questionnaires to members of the public in the waiting areas and encouraged their views.

We have a wide and diverse number of patients; we actively seek patient’s opinions and encourage them to join the group.