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Smoking Cessation

Patients who currently smoke and need help to stop can attend the surgery and receive the support they need to help achieve this. The smoking cessation clinic is a nurse-led clinic, which is run by Veronica Ward and Pat Rochester (Health Care Assistants).

Nicotine replacement therapy is prescribed via vouchers as an aid to support your own will power. These clinics are held on a Monday and Tuesday by Veronica Ward or Thursday and Friday by Pat Rochester.

To book an appointment for smoking cessation please contact the surgery during our normal working hours and the receptionist will book you into the correct clinic.

Here we offer advice on how to give up smoking, offer follow-up appointments and prescribe Nicotine Replacement Therapy.


We can offer dietary advice on how to lose weight, prescribe drug therapy if thought appropriate and work out your Body Mass Index (BMI). To find out more have a look on The British Nutrition Foundation website.