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Blood Clinic

The surgery runs a blood test clinic. It operates Monday to Friday. These are busy clinics and therefore they are by appointment only.

One nursing assistant runs the clinic. All routine requests by the GP are dealt with in these clinics. Hospital requests are also carried out; however patients need to bring their requests with them.

Certain bloods need to be carried out at specific times. Examples of these are:

  • Blood lever for certain drugs, e.g. Digoxin or Lithium – need to be taken at certain times, you will need to check this with the clinic or your doctor.
  • Fasting samples – your doctor or nurse may request a fasting blood sample, which is for Glucose or Cholesterol. If a fasting sample is required, the patient must not eat from midnight the previous evening and can only drink water, black tea or black coffee (but NO SUGAR)!

The blood clinic is now extending its role and will be carrying out electrocardiograms (heart tracings) and routine blood pressure monitoring.

Heart Disease Prevention

An annual appointment is offered where lifestyle advice is given, drug therapy monitored and blood tests reviewed. Learn about a healthy heart on The British Heart Foundation website.