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PATIENT MESSAGE: This practice is currently installing a new electronic patient record system called, SystmOne©.  The new system will bring substantial benefits for both patients and staff.   We thank you for your patience during this time of transition. - For more information on the system, visit


Deneside Medical Centre & Avenue Family Practice

We are pleased to announce that Deneside Medical Centre is considering merging with our neighbouring Practice, Avenue Family Practice. This is planned for 1st October 2019.

Your views are important to us. Please see the information leaflets for further information:

Practice Mission Statement

We will constantly strive to improve patient care, increase practice team awareness to all patients' needs that are listed with Deneside Medical Centre and we aim daily to upgrade our approach, attitude and systems, always working to improve patient care.

Anything contained within this website that you would like explained, please contact the Practice Manager, who will be please to talk to you and cover any questions you may have.

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The GDPR is a new laq that determines how your personal data is processed and kept safe, and the legal rights that you have in relation to your own data.

The regulation applies from 25 May 2018, and will apply even after the UK leaves the EU.

**Please click on the link to navigate to this page to read and download important information**


Partners in Health

The care of patients is fundamental to the service we provide and, as a partner, it should be recognised that the patient has responsibility in part for his or her own well being. We may prescribe treatments to aid a particular complaint or condition and may make recommendation to changes and/or modifications in lifestyle to promote the patient's well-being.

In return we ask you to:

  • Comply with any treatment recommended or prescribed.
  • Try to live as healthy a lifestyle as possible and ask for help and advice if necessary.

Make the Most of our Services

Please read the notices posted in the surgery. Make sure you know our opening times. Find out how to arrange home visits, repeat prescriptions and urgent appointments. You may not always need to see a doctor, ask what services the nurse can provide. Keep your appointment or cancel it.

Take a list of questions with you when you see your doctor or nurse. Ask your doctor to write down anything that you do not understand the answers to. Take a friend or relative with you if necessary.

Tell the receptionist if you need more time to speak to the doctor/nurse, she can arrange this for you. Think twice before making an appointment. Do you really need to see a doctor? Have you tried simple home treatments?

Find out how the practice deals with complaints.

Practice Charter

We have a Practice Charter and a complaints procedure. We are registered under the Data Protection Act and publish data in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act.

Patient Alerts

We have a 'Patient Alerts' page, where we will post important information to alert our patients about. Please click on the link to navigate to this page.

Medical Advice

If you need medical advice outside of GP opening hours, please contact NHS 111 and you will be medically triaged and referred to an appropriate Health Care Service.

Care Quality Commission